Easy Access to Child Support Information in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Children & Families website has a specific section devoted to Child Support. This portion of the website provides several services and other useful information to help make your child support case more simple. Whether you are the payor, or the recipient of child support, www.childsupport.wisconsin.gov allows you to sign up your case and in doing so, gain permission to view and print your payment history, update your personal information, and print payment coupons.

Along with the ability to manage your own child support case, the website is rich with general information. For example, there is a tab that gives an overview of Wisconsin child support services for parents. In that section you are given the option to watch videos about receiving child support, to read detailed information on financial management and  to explore what case management services are available to you. The website also provides several hyperlinks to forms, brochures and reports that may be relevant in your case.

The website is beneficial not only to parents who are in the middle of child support cases; it is also beneficial for employers. There is a tab for employers that explains how child support affects income, how employers must report child support, and it gives contacts, resources and tools for employers who want to easily stay abreast of their responsibilities in child support cases.

For lawyers, parents, and employers alike this website is useful, easy to navigate and it minimizes the stress a child support case can cause.