Can I Take Back My Maiden Name in a Divorce in Wisconsin?

Yes!  You can take back your maiden name in a divorce in Wisconsin.  Upon your request, the court can restore you to any former surname.  At the time of the final judgment of divorce, you will be asked if this is your request.  If so, the judgment of divorce will state that you are restored to your former name.  This is completely your choice – your ex-spouse has no input into this decision.

Sometimes, women want to hyphenate their maiden name with their current name.  Some judges will allow this but some will not.  It will really be up to the court in your particular case.

However, please be aware that you have to do all of the work if you change your name.  The judgment will simply award you the use of your former name.  It will be up to you to change your name on everything including your driver’s license, bank accounts, social security, etc.  You will need your actual divorce judgment (Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Judgment of Divorce) to effectuate the change in most cases.

Teri M Nelson