What If I Need to Hire an Expert in My Wisconsin Divorce Case?

In a divorce case, there can often be a need to hire experts to assist with specific issues.  Those experts might help with valuing assets (real estate, a business, personal property, pension, etc.) or provide testimony regarding one party’s earning capacity or ability to parent.

In Wisconsin, the Court may appoint an expert to accomplish this or a party may hire an independent expert.  If the Court appoints an expert, the Court will determine the responsibility for the expert’s fees which is generally an equal division.  The fees for an expert hired independently by one party will be that party’s sole responsibility.

An experienced family law attorney will assist you with finding the right expert for your needs.  There are often lists of experts regularly appointed by the Court in a given county.  These lists can be made available to family law attorneys and are very helpful in us finding the best match for your expert testimony needs.

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