4 Ways the Right Divorce Lawyer Can Make the Process Easier

Most people understand that, when they are going through a divorce, they need to have a good divorce lawyer on their side. After all, we all know someone who didn’t get the quality of representation they needed, and suffered heavy financial consequences – and perhaps even the loss of time with their children – because of it.

As important as it is to have a good divorce lawyer on your side, however, it’s also something that’s very convenient. That’s because part of a divorce attorney’s job isn’t just to ensure that your interests are protected, but also to make the process smoother.

Here are four quick ways that the right divorce lawyer can make things easier for you:

1. By looking out for your interests during your divorce proceedings. Beyond simply knowing the law, a good divorce attorney will learn about your situation, and your priorities, to make sure that they are properly represented. As tempting as it might be to simply work through a mediator, that person does not have your interests at heart and cannot work solely to protect your interests.  Alternatively, a divorce lawyer job is to advocate for their clients’ interests and help achieve clients’ goals.

 2. By understanding the nuances of divorce law. Given the complexity of different legal statutes, it’s probably not surprising that most of our clients aren’t very familiar with their rights during the divorce process. Having reviewed your case and gone through the process dozens of times before, a good divorce lawyer might be able to help you spot legal opportunities that you weren’t even aware of.  Although friends, family and coworkers may try to ‘help’ by sharing their own divorce stories, those stories may not be relevant to your situation and may only result in unrealistic expectations or misunderstanding of your legal rights and entitlements.

3. By negotiating with your spouse’s divorce attorney. Negotiating things like custody and placement of children and the division of property and debts between divorcing spouses can quickly become a personal and emotional process. Between seasoned attorneys who know their clients’ top priorities and goals; however, the process can often be handled much more quickly, calmly, and efficiently. This facet of what we do alone can dramatically decrease the stress and anxiety you feel during your divorce proceedings.

4. By keeping you calm during the legal divorce process. In the same way, your divorce attorney will have been through this process dozens (and maybe hundreds) of times before and they know what to expect, what’s reasonable, and where the major challenges are likely to lie. For that reason, they can help you remain calm and measured each step of the way, especially at times when you may feel that your spouse (or their attorneys) are being unreasonable.

Although you might wish to never need the services of a good divorce lawyer, when you do, it’s great to have the right team on your side. That’s because they won’t just give you a much better chance at finding the right financial and child-related terms that you’re looking for, but can make every step of the process easier, faster, and less emotionally taxing.

To schedule a free initial office consultation to discuss your divorce or alternatives, please contact us at 414-258-1644 or visit our website for further information.

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